About Lynn

Hello, I’m Lynn from Lynn’s
Glass Studio, here in Perth,
Western Australia

My mother was a collector of beautiful china, which I always loved looking at now and as a child in her full cabinets! I didn’t realise how many beautiful glass objects I already had in my house at the start of my interest in unique and original glass I was born in Scotland and immigrated to Western Australia in the mid 1960’s with my parents.

We came from a farm in a beautiful picturesque area called Dumfries Shire.  Bordering on a river, I recall visiting the river with my father and fishing for salmon. When I came to Western Australia we settled in the Williams farming area.  The landscape was very different to what we were all used to.

This new unique, original open space with freedom to roam it provided, I enjoyed very much growing up. Scotland is known worldwide for its unique and original glass artists with many workshops and exhibitions across the country.

I look forward to travelling more and having the opportunity to see more of this original and unique glasswork in Scotland and Europe in the future

Throughout my adult life, I have experienced many different mediums. The different types of embroidery with cottons, silk wool and silk ribbon work.

Crocheting, paper craft such as scrap booking, Basic painting, and furniture restoration have all played a part in my journey to here, now.

Recycling is an element of my life I try to implement as much as possible. Reducing landfill is important to me and my family in life and work situations. It is great to see the changes taking place in Australia.

Home is in the hills east of Perth Western Australia.  I have lived in the hills for more than ten years now and have enjoyed it.

This has been a big inspiration to my unique and original work as well as holidays in other parts of Australia or travelling overseas.

I have built my exposure and skills in the glass world by attending workshops that lasted a week.  Covering many techniques developed by world standard professionals.
They were very encouraging and have pushed me on to develop myself to produce improving quality original and unique glass. The glass groups I am a member of on social media are full of generous members who share their skills. Experienced members problem solve for other group members not so experienced.

I really appreciate this quality in the glass world.  There is an unending limit of resources found on line, which I am very happy about of course to keep me striving to make more unique original pieces.

BULLSEYE GLASS is the brand of glass material I use.  It is of the highest quality made in the USA.  It comes in a wide range of colours and forms for the glass artist to make unique original pieces from.